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SideKick document services for the Accounting industry provide document scanning for all of your accounting needs. Organizing and having a centralized, browser-based access point for your information is essential. Whether you work in corporate accounting, accounting practice, financial accounting or management accounting, our enterprise content management solutions can be configured to fit your organization.

You've probably transitioned from a time when details from original documents were laboriously copied to 'books of prime entry' like purchase and sales registers, cashbooks and general journals. Technology now exists that automates the creation process of many of these and other tax-related forms. But being able to view, print, or e-mail these documents quickly and easily from your desktop is just one solution we can provide for you.


Accounting Practice

Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Cash Applications

  • Payroll

  • Expense Reports

  • Audit worksheets for each client and accounting year

  • Audit queries raised and clarifications received from client's management

  • Audited accounts and reports thereon

  • Tax returns supported by computations of taxable income

  • Food Industries

  • IRS tax forms such as 1040, W-4, and W-9

  • Real Estate loan, mortgage, title companies

  • Documents relating to tax consultancy services

  • Documents relating to other assignments received from clients

  • Accounting records relating to the practice itself

Financial Accounting

  • Sales and Purchase Invoices with supporting shipping and other documents

  • Different kinds of evidential documents for cash receipts and payments

  • Documents supporting other kinds of business transactions
    (like returns of purchased or sold items)

  • Documents supporting accounting adjustments (like year-end accounting of accrued expenses and income)

  • Contracts, agreements and correspondence that clarify the terms and conditions
    on the basis of which of the above documents have been prepared

  • Transaction records like Purchase and Sales Registers, Cash and Bank Books and General Journals

  • Ledgers that classify the transactions under relevant accounts

  • Accounts lists such as Trial Balance, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable

  • Summary results such as Profit & Loss Account, Funds Flow Statement and Balance Sheet

  • Different kinds of analyses to assess the financial position of the business

Management Accounting

  • Cost estimates by product, department and cost element

  • Cost allocation documents that seek to assign cost elements to cost centers, and then to products or services

  • Cost reports that compare actual costs against original estimates

  • Analytical reports seeking to identify the reasons for variances between actual costs and estimates

  • Breakeven analyses to identify Cost-Volume-Profit relationships

  • Ad hoc analyses highlighting the implications of different business decision alternatives

  • Other kinds of documents generated by the current practices of product life cycle costing and activity based costing

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