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SideKick document services for the Engineering industry provide scanning, and printing of all types and sizes of drawings. Organize your drawings for one central access location for your important documents. Working well in all specialized fields of engineering, our enterprise content management solutions can be configured to perfectly fit your organization.

From conception and design to production and testing, each project generates many types of documents including large-format/wide-format designs and plans in some specialties. The innovation of CAD and CAE has allowed engineers of all types to accomplish more in less time. However, the paper output from these solutions has, over the years, created a storage headache in many offices. A document management solution solves this problem with tools for capturing, retrieving, and managing this information.

  • 2D and 3D Drawings

  • Design Requirements

  • Design Schematics

  • Test Specifications

  • Test Results and Test Reports

  • Operating Manuals

  • Schedules

  • Problem Reports

  • Inspection Reports

  • Materials Purchase Invoices

  • Statutory Reports

  • Manufacturing Plans

  • Assembly Plans

  • Aerospace

  • Agricultural Engineering

  • Architectural Engineering

  • Automotive Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

  • Computer Science

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Geological Engineering

  • Marine Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Mining

  • Petroleum

  • Systems Engineering

  • Textile Engineering

  • Transportation Engineering


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