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SideKick document services provide the full spectrum of the healthcare industry with an easy-to-use, central access point for patient records. We make vital information available instantaneously at the point of care, greatly simplifying records management. From a single office to a healthcare system that spans an entire region, our enterprise-wide content management solutions can be tailored to your specific document management needs.

Hospitals, clinics, medical and dental offices that rely on our services to manage patient records and administrative information are experiencing a host of time and cost savings.

Time once spent on searching, filing, copying and managing paper files is a thing of the past. Now that patient information is available instantaneously, health practitioners are administering the best possible care without delay.

Space once used to store paper documents on-site has been repurposed. In addition, the costs and risks associated with off-site storage have been reduced or, in many cases, eliminated. Imagine no more worrying about loss, theft, damage, deterioration or destruction of backup records.

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Health Care:

  • Control costs

  • Improve productivity

  • Speed Care Delivery

  • Protect patient records.

  • Protect Patient Confidentiality

  • Enhance Patient Care

  • Quicken Business Processes

  • Strengthen HIPAA Compliance

  • Improve Physician Satisfaction

  • Improve Information Sharing

Clinical Benefits:

  • Access vital clinical information at the point of care

  • Remove paper from healthcare environment to reduce storage and paper-handling costs

  • Reduce the opportunity for error

  • Access images as they are added directly to the patient record

  • Establish one integrated e-signature capability and display endorsement messages on the image for visual verification during viewing and printing

Business Office Benefits:

  • Improve document access and operational efficiency throughout the entire revenue cycle, from scheduling, financial counseling and utilization management to coding, secondary billing, cash posting, collections and customer service

  • Speed transactions

  • Reduce paper

  • Heighten security while minimizing security maintenance

What They Say

quote  "SideKick has been processing our documents every week for over nine years. Their professional staff and proven product has given us quick and easy access to our important documents. There has never been a reason for concern, when the job is done, it's done right. That is outstanding service!”

- Cindy, Food Services Company


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