Medical Records Scanning in Minnesota

Store and access medical records the smart and easy way – electronically! Our Healthcare Scanning Service is a comprehensive Electronic Medical Records management solution that expedites record retention and retrieval.

Healthcare Document Scanning Services in Minnesota Can Help

You’re able to instantly retrieve information from any authorized computer because the information has been indexed and catalogued. No more time-intensive searches through countless file cabinets or off-site storage rooms. Let your computer do the searching instead of tying up valuable office staff and storage space. SideKick Inc., Advanced Document Services stores your important documents and medical records in a secure, virtual format online or on any other media, such as a CD-ROM. Once scanned, the original paperwork can often be destroyed, freeing up valuable space. Alternatively, for documents that no longer have a timely relevance, archive them on the data storage method of your choice or with our advisement.

Keeping Information Safe Yet Appropriately Accessible

Once your information is stored online, we can help you manage and organize it in such a way that patients, other practitioners and external agencies can all access it appropriately. We can put in place suitable templates as well as protocols to ensure safe, proper transfer, copying and disposal. If you've got hand-written or illegible information, our specialist data entry service can ensure that it's transcribed with a 99.95% accuracy rate.

Dependable Company Offering Medical Records Scanning in Minnesota

With many years of successful services behind us, we feel that the secret of our success is our commitment to offering every customer not just a range of services, but a partnership, “A SideKick” customized package that's tailored to meet the specific demands of their organization. To find out more about what we can offer, or for anything else, call us at (952) 835-5425.

Ready to Organize Your Documents?

What They Say

quote  "SideKick has been processing our documents every week for over nine years. Their professional staff and proven product has given us quick and easy access to our important documents. There has never been a reason for concern, when the job is done, it's done right. That is outstanding service!”

- Cindy, Food Services Company


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