Cost-Effective Advanced Imaging Solutions in Minnesota

Imagine taking your business to new heights by leveraging new technologies without the high costs associated with them. Imagine a breakthrough in document management technology that will change the way your company distributes its information. Imagine a huge off-site, completely secure repository of every document ever produced by your organization, ready to deliver knowledge and information anywhere in the world by a simple, secure keystroke.

SideKick Inc., Advanced Document Services and its strategic partners stand as the world's leading online document repository service, offering a cutting-edge solution to a problem that has plagued businesses for decades: how to manage the millions of documents created each year.

High-Quality Document Imaging Services

Retrieve volumes of information instantaneously, and distribute archived reports and images to multiple destinations in a secure environment without the capital expense of any additional hardware or software. Our team can manage high volumes of documents, delivering outstanding results rapidly, even on significant amounts of paperwork. Once your documentation has been scanned, we can hold your documents (usually 60 days for you to verify and feel comfortable), then arrange for secure disposal of the paper versions, freeing up space and reducing the chance of loss or damage to your documents.

Digital Imaging Services in Minnesota

To get the most from your virtual document storage, correct organization, appropriate access and relevant protocols are all important. SideKick Inc., Advanced Document Services can help put in place features such as template creation, access controls, sharing protocols and security measures, transforming your data into a responsive, easily-managed repository of information. Take great comfort in simple, secure, on-demand accessibility of all your corporate information.

Versatile Advanced Imaging Solutions

Simply put, SideKick Inc., Advanced Document Services provides access to any document, anywhere, anytime. Our revolutionary technology makes all your corporate data accessible through any Web-browser. To find out more or tell us what you're looking for, call us at (952) 835-5425.

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Document Imaging Services in Minneapolis


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quote  "SideKick has been processing our documents every week for over nine years. Their professional staff and proven product has given us quick and easy access to our important documents. There has never been a reason for concern, when the job is done, it's done right. That is outstanding service!”

- Cindy, Food Services Company


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